Macro Recording

Macro recording has been added to the Python T-Bot Controller. You can find it here. The response of the controller tends to be a bit slower on Windows or Mac than it is for Linux. You can try changing data =’utf-8′) to data =’utf-8′). You might sacrifice the quality of the data plotting.

Press the yellow button to record your command macro and the green button to play it back. Note, you will be locked out of the GUI during play back. There is also a trash button to clear the macro. While the macro replay will exhibit characteristics of the original sequence, the stochastic nature of the T-Bot’s movement means even repeated replays of the macro will be far from identical.

The red record button is for recording the incoming data. The speed factor is applied when using the arrow keys to control your robot.

T-Bot Controller for Android

The T-Bot controller for Android is available here. If you’re not content to just use it as it is, you can develop it further or just customise it as you please. You will need to create a free App Inventor account and import the TBOTController.aia file which can be found here.

App Inventor, with it’s block style interface, makes writing apps very easy.

New Python T-Bot Controller

A new python based Bluetooth controller has been added to the T-Bot GitHub repository. The pySerial version is compatible with Windows and Mac. The SOCKET and pyBluez versions are compatible with Linux. Instructions can be found here.

The controller supports live plotting and you can use the record button to save the data to a csv file.